O Series

  • “Success” will generally mean a long-term increase in value but fundamentally it is up to each director to decide. O series modern director set symbolize the nobility and generosity of work space in contemporary style.
  • VS presents executive office tables of elegant look and best quality. The professional office furniture being right choice that will revitalize work environment.
  • With our O leg L shape table, you may ease your mind when you want to piece together a long length, sprawling desk. This will work beautifully, instant expansion.
  • By diving a space provide both storage and partitioning – two birds with one stone, keeps the feeling of open space and unified offices. It leads to visible spot, additional content and dynamics in the vast space.
  • Conference table O leg design makes every meeting associates to a distinct discussion. Besides well thought yet simple of this conference model, you’ll love the dignified design when you and team are gathered for a vital and supreme task.


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